Woohoo! PHP5.1 released! [Updated: but don't get too excited]

Published November 25th, 2005

…which I hope means that my host will finally upgrade and I won’t have to keep writing for PHP4 for non-work applications.

*taps foot impatiently*

In the meantime, well done to the PHP team for getting this one out!

//Update: I spoke too soon.

A quick glance at the PHP Internals mailing list reveals that, due to some sort of mix-up over a new and little-tested Date() class causing a conflict with PEAR (and any other code that implements a class called ‘Date’), there will likely be a version 5.1.1 very soon.

For all the hard work that goes into every new release, it only takes relatively trivial error like this (especially so soon after other PR slip-ups) to tarnish further the image of PHP and of the people responsible for it. Shame.

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  1. Steven S Cole on July 21, 2006

    I liked your site.

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