Visual database design tools — for free

Published November 17th, 2005

If you’re designing database schemas then a visual design tool is simply indispensable. Until I began using one, my desk was permanently swamped with scraps of paper covered with scrawled diagrams, squiggly lines and crossings-out.

The clever people at MySQL are currently beavering away on something called MySQL Workbench, of which an early (alpha) version is available for download. That alpha designation is apt though, because although it looks quite pretty it’s very limited in its abilities at this stage.

That’s not a problem, however, since in the meantime we can all use DBDesigner4 from FabForce. It’s not longer in active development (in fact, it has ‘become’ MySQL Workbench) but it’s still a good, useful bit of software.

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  1. Dan Dascalescu on May 25, 2008

    There is also the WWW SQL Deginer – an online database schema designer which looks quite pretty and can output to MySQL and SQLite.

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