Screenshot web sites easily with FireShot

Published June 11th, 2008

Another day, another Firefox plugin plug…well I could drone on about how much fun it is to completely refactor all the exception handling in our large and complex publishing framework, but somehow I don’t think you’d be any more excited about it than I am.

So I’ve been breaking up the monotony now and again by poking around Firefox’s ever-growing list of add-ons and yesterday I stumbled across Fireshot, which I think is easily good enough for a mention here. It’s a screen-grabber for Firefox, but in addition it also allows you, very quickly and easily, to annotate a screenshot, highlight areas of interest etc. You can choose to grab either just the visible area, or the whole page.

I really am very impressed with how well thought-out and seamless it makes the process — very useful if you’re creating documentation, for example.

One downside is that it’s Windows-only, which is a shame but understandable given that it’s based on (commercial) Windows software.

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