Firefox Extension: Firebug

Published January 24th, 2006

Yes, yet another widget to help with web development: this time, an improved Javascript console (which I’ve ben praying for since I first began using Firefox). Instead of sitting in another window Firebug docks along the bottom of your browser window and can be minimised to the status bar, with a small display of any errors that arise. It even includes an option to log XMLHTTPRequest operations, with all sorts of information about what’s going on.

It has an ‘inspect element’ facility that allows you to click on any element of your page and see its properties — HTML, CSS and any also any Javascript associated with it. In addition, simply by adding a brief function definition to your scripts, you can write your own log output to the Firebug window.

All in all, a very useful tool.

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  1. Edan on January 27, 2006

    Found your blog a while ago, and since then i am hooked up. I’m a PHP/MySQL (and more) programmer and almost every entry you write helps me and introduce me to new tools and ideas which I like and end up using.
    This FireBug extension is a great example of something i always wanted, and i probably never knew it exists without you.
    Just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the writing :)

  2. Stickman on January 27, 2006

    Thank you for your very flattering comment. I’m glad you’re finding the site useful.

  3. laender on May 17, 2006

    Im with Edan, I dont know your site so long, but till this time I found some really interesting things here and this extension is one of those…

  4. Michael Mueller on August 16, 2006

    I’m also using your extension. I think it is really useful. Thanks for coding it.

  5. Stickman on August 16, 2006

    While I’d love to be able to claim credit for this excellent extension, it is in fact written by Joe Hewitt.

  6. sandstrahlen on December 19, 2006

    Hey, thank you, great extension. I also like Aging Tab Extension, very useful. You can see how “old” the tabs are. It gets different colors – it depends on how old a tab is. Greetz

  7. osama on February 25, 2007

    thank you, great extension I think it is really useful.and keep up the writing

  8. Peter Fernstudium on August 24, 2007

    I can only subscribe to the view of the previous writers. The Firebug extension is really an excellent extension.

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