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Published June 19th, 2007

I’ve been auditioning the Mootools Javascript framework for a couple of days now (thinking we might use it for the next revision of our CMS). It’s lightweight, fast, well-documented and well-supported.

Mootools is modular, so when you download it you get to choose those components that you need and those you don’t. This is obviously a great idea, but it can be annoying when you realise that you’re missing a component — you then have to go back to the download page and remember all the components that you had selected before, then add the new ones.

So I took a bit of time out this morning and wrote a quick-and-dirty Mootools Download Checksum Generator. It’s a copy of the original download page with an extra function added — when you’ve selected the components you want , click a button and it gives you a number. If you ever need to download again, just enter this number in the box, click another button and you’re given a URL. If you ever need to update your Mootools file, enter this URL into your browser — presto! — the form is re-populated with the components you previously selected.

It’s pretty basic, but it seems to work. If people think it’s worthwhile I might polish it a bit, and maybe add more functionality.

Comments are welcome.

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