Create your own ‘loading’ animated gif

Published August 17th, 2006

While one might argue that this is specialisation gone a step too far, AjaxLoad is a new site that helps you create custom ‘loading’ animations (spinning arrows, bouncing ball etc. etc.) for use in your spanking new Web 2.0 app. Just select options from a form and the work is all done for you.

The internet is a wonderful thing.

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  1. Phantom on August 22, 2006

    God bless ya!

    This is perfect. I had been ‘paying homage’ to the gif used by the Component Art people, but using it on my proof of concept stuff for work. Now I can create my own using the correct palette without having to spend time in Photoshop and ImageReady.

    Now the most professional looking graphic on my POC! Ha ha.


  2. james on April 28, 2007


  3. james on April 28, 2007

    how can i make my own animation like animator vs animation

  4. shawn on June 17, 2007

    I am so glad if I get it. Will it really hrow your stuff away or not? But I love this so I will add it to my favorites!!!!! ‘_’ t(‘_-t) :) :) :) :) :)

  5. Sean on November 19, 2007

    I want to make a website thats fun and lots of people will go on it

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