PayPal Error: Sorry, an Error Occurred After You Clicked the Last Link

Published March 10th, 2010

I’m just coming to the end of a project that required checkout via PayPal. The system is to be hosted in an iframe embedded in a third party site’s page, but when redirecting to PayPal the iframe ‘pops out’ to take over the whole page (PayPal forces this behaviour).

All was working smoothly using the ‘PayPal sandbox’ testing domain, but when it came to testing a live transaction in Internet Explorer I received the following error:

“Sorry, an Error Occurred After You Clicked the Last Link”

…followed by a lengthy but rather unhelpful block of text suggesting various courses of action — none of which was any use at all.

Consulting Google, it seems that this is far from an unusual occurrence but there’s little consensus as to the cause. In the end, I tried adding target=”_top” to the form that submits to PayPal (thus forcing the ‘pop-out’ of the iframe), and presto, all is now fine again.


  1. Dave on February 17, 2011

    Your solution works great for me, thank you!

  2. Fraser on May 11, 2011

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you. I had been pulling my hair out over this. I had it working with the privacy settings at low or accept all cookies but probably not best to advise all potential customers that they need to drop their privacy settings if they want to check out.


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