When domain names go wrong

Published October 26th, 2005

A thread on twelvestone.com offers a salutary lesson for anyone considering registering a domain name. The moral of the story is: if you’re going to be concatenating two or more words, make sure you double-check for ambiguity…

Check these out:

penisland.net — customised pens

antiquesexchange.com — buy and sell old stuff (see also: comicsexchange.com, veteransexchange.com, musiciansexchange.com, actorsexchange.com, exoticsexchange.com, graphicsexchange.com, homesexchange.com, kidsexchange.com, momsexchange.com, playersexchange, womensexchange.com, studentsexchange.com)

whorepresents.com — find intermediary for a famous person

powergenitalia.com — the Italian division of a power company

therapistfinder.com — locate someone to help you with your mental problems

molestationnursery.com — buy plants from Australia

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  1. Tom Jackson on January 1, 2007

    Here from Google Blog Search. LMAO at some of these – you’d think people would have the good sense to register domain names with appropriate hyphenation (eg. pen-island.net) instead of rushing in and buying one with a dodgy meaning. Hyphenation is also preferable for search engines too. I can’t believe people could be daft enough not to read what they were buying!

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