Removing pre-installed software from a new PC

Published January 12th, 2007

OK this is possibly slightly beyond the scope of this site but it’s something that irks me, so I thought I’d write this post.

If you’ve bought a new PC recently (as opposed to building one yourself) then it will almost certainly have come with a bunch of extra software already installed — eg. “free now, pay later” stuff from Symantec or McAfee, links to broadband providers and so on. It’s there for a sound economic reason — the software companies pay the PC vendor to put it there, which makes the PC cheaper — but that doesn’t mean it’s actually useful.

I’ve recently set up a couple of Dell PCs on behalf of other people and spent a considerable amount of time clearing up this so-called ‘crapware’. I really wish I’d known about the PC Decrapifier, which does the job automatically for a range of common ‘craplets’. Smart.

Should save me some time and effort in future.

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  1. Phantom on January 14, 2007

    Perfect timing! Just ordered a new Dell for my niece and getting it delivered here first, so I can get rid of all the sh1..that Dell pre-install and set things up properly before it goes off to sit in an 8-year-old’s bedroom.

    Your link could not have come at a better time!


  2. polymorph on January 15, 2007

    It was only this weekend I decided not to bother reinstalling XP on my Dell laptop because I couldn’t be arsed de-crapping it again.

    Now I’ll have to find another excuse!

  3. Phantom on January 15, 2007

    There is one little thing I noticed which stopped me in my tracks. I fired up the app and was offered to ‘remove un-necessary start-up items’. I did not want to continue as this seemed like a very sweeping statement.

    Perhaps the next screen is a list of these I can select from…but I did not want to take that chance.

    I would worry that anything important (or semi-important) was removed without a second thought.


  4. Peter Venture on January 19, 2007

    Perfect! Thanks for the hint. I have just bough a Dell PC and now used this nice little program. Finally my new computer is free of crap. Thanks.

  5. Techno~ on January 25, 2007

    Nice find Stickman – I bought a new Dell laptop about 8 months ago and haven’t had the courage to sit down and waste a few hours of my life cleaning all the shite that came pre-installed on it.

    Tonight it will be cleaned!

  6. Phantom on January 27, 2007

    To follow up from my earlier concern – I used this crap-cleaner when setting up a new Dell machine this week. It was a little ‘hit and miss’ and took a couple of goes at clearing everything, but this is caused by the utility simply triggering some un-installers which like to grab control of everything on the machine, causing the utility to lose track of what was running.

    Otherwise, top job!


  7. Stickman on January 27, 2007

    Thanks for the feedback, P.

  8. BeadDoctor on March 11, 2007

    Hay All.
    I already found a de-crappifier for Dell. What about Toshiba!!! Mom and I bought a laptop at around the same time. This is moms first experience with computers. The crap on her computer is just plain nasty. Pop-ups and sales ads that just won’t be removed. I think they hide them so they can not be removed completely. With more and more older folks getting involved with computers they deserve to be treated better! Can anybody tell me where to find some help?


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