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    Generating PDFs in PHP

    Published December 2nd, 2010

    For several recent projects I’ve been called upon to produce output in PDF format. For a PHP coder the difficulty lies not in the task itself, but in choosing which of the numerous PDF generation libraries to use. I’ve tried several over the past 18 months or so, including FPDF and¬†TCPDF. TCPDF is a direct […]

    Note to self: PHP object constructors never return false

    Published June 13th, 2008

    As part of my ongoing refactoring work (see previous post) and having decided to take a more active stand against broken windows syndrome I’ve been cleaning up various coding oddities as I’ve found them. Today I came across (something like) this little snippet: if( ! $obj = new myObject( $id ) ) { throw new […]

    PHP, empty arrays and conditionals

    Published April 24th, 2008

    This is one of those silly little PHP quirks that catches me out from time to time, but apparently not often enough to avoid doing it again on occasion. Let’s say you have a function (we’ll call it getSomeData())that returns an array, or false if there is a problem (yes you should probably be using […]

    Very simple PHP ‘gallery’ script

    Published November 1st, 2007

    Somebody asked for a very simple script that would scan a directory (and its subdirectories) for all images, and then present them all as a list of thumbnails. So I had a quick go and came up with this (zip file). Just place the two PHP files in the directory you want to scan, open […]

    Formatting text for email in PHP

    Published January 4th, 2007

    When you’re using a script to send an email (for example, from a contact form) it’s a good idea to break up long lines, because some email software won’t word wrap automatically — so continuous text is rendered on a single line that disappears off the edge of the screen. I’ve had to do this […]

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