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    Dynamic form elements and Internet Explorer 6

    Published September 12th, 2008

    A few brief entries from the ‘tiny yet annoying bugs that take far too much time to fix’ file… I’m creating forms dynamically using JavaScript. This has led to a number of problems with IE6: Dynamic checkboxes/radio buttons and the ‘checked’ attribute When creating a field, I wanted to be able to apply a ‘default’ […]

    Google Chrome: My two penn’th

    Published September 3rd, 2008

    OK, everyone’s talking about Google’s ‘new’ browser (check out the comic for an easy introduction) and everyone’s going to have an opinion. Here’s mine, based on a few hours’ use. First (and lasting) impression: damn, it’s fast. It starts fast, it renders pages fast, it stays fast. JavaScript in particular is noticeably smoother where in […]