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    MochaUI, ExplorerCanvas and dynamically-loaded JavaScript

    Published July 4th, 2008

    Another one of those really obscure ones… So as previously mentioned, I’m looking at using MochaUI in a CMS project I’m working on. Everything was going swimmingly, except that for some reason it was having rendering problems with (you guessed it) Internet Explorer. At first I thought that it must be a CSS problem, but […]

    MooTools 1.2 Asset.css onload problem, and fix

    Published July 3rd, 2008

    As part of the experiments I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been looking at the feasibility of loading CSS on-the-fly. MooTools has a method to achieve this (Asset.css) but I found to my disappointment that its onload event only works in Internet Explorer, so in other browsers you have no way of knowing when the CSS has […]

    Popups/dialog boxes in MooTools

    Published July 2nd, 2008

    I’m just starting preliminary work on a complete (and long overdue) rewrite of our project’s CMS. Right now I’m really just tinkering around, exploring some ideas. As part of this process I wanted to experiment with some dialog boxes, and not wanting to reinvent the wheel I decided to look for a ready-to-use project based […]

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