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    Firefox 3: portable version slowdown

    Published June 27th, 2008

    I’ve been using Firefox 3 for several months now (through various betas and release candidates) and I have to say I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve resisted blogging about it because I think more than enough words have already been written on the subject, but I’ll just say that I’ve been very happy with its […]

    Monitor site uptime for free

    Published June 23rd, 2008

    A while back I thought up, but never implemented, a plan to develop a free web site uptime monitoring service. Basically, I spent a few hours thinking about features, wrote a few dozen lines of code and bought a smart domain name. It would’ve been great, seriously — there were other services out there but […]

    Note to self: PHP object constructors never return false

    Published June 13th, 2008

    As part of my ongoing refactoring work (see previous post) and having decided to take a more active stand against broken windows syndrome I’ve been cleaning up various coding oddities as I’ve found them. Today I came across (something like) this little snippet: if( ! $obj = new myObject( $id ) ) { throw new […]

    Screenshot web sites easily with FireShot

    Published June 11th, 2008

    Another day, another Firefox plugin plug…well I could drone on about how much fun it is to completely refactor all the exception handling in our large and complex publishing framework, but somehow I don’t think you’d be any more excited about it than I am. So I’ve been breaking up the monotony now and again […]

    Monitoring HTTP activity with HttpFox

    Published June 9th, 2008

    While Firebug is about as close to a perfect tool for web development as I’ve ever seen, its use as an HTTP monitor is limited — if only because its Net pane is cleared when the page refreshes. In the past I’ve used Fiddler for this job, but of course you need to remember to […]