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    PHP, empty arrays and conditionals

    Published April 24th, 2008

    This is one of those silly little PHP quirks that catches me out from time to time, but apparently not often enough to avoid doing it again on occasion. Let’s say you have a function (we’ll call it getSomeData())that returns an array, or false if there is a problem (yes you should probably be using […]

    Iframes, third-party cookies and the document.domain property

    Published April 18th, 2008

    I’ve spent the last few days re-writing our login process to handle a switch to using a third-party server for user tracking. Specifically, where before the login and tracking was handled by the same domain, now the login is processed at one domain but the tracking cookie is served on a subdomain (for technical reasons […]

    Nice, simple off-site CMS for small projects

    Published April 11th, 2008

    Just got a tip-off about this rather neat idea: CushyCMS is a third-party, hosted CMS for your own (or your clients’) sites. It works by embedding class definitions in editable elements, and then using FTP (you have to supply FTP details for your own host) to make changes. The CMS software itself is very simple […]