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    Easily view Subversion revisions over time

    Published October 19th, 2007

    Here’s a nifty little app: svn-time-lapse-view, a diff viewer that lets you scroll through the revisions of a given file in an SVN repository. It’s very basic — the diff view isn’t the most detailed — but could be useful for tracking down a particular changeset.

    What does your web site say about you?

    Published October 18th, 2007

    Here’s a tip for anyone currently job-seeking in the web developer area — if you’re going to point people to your portfolio site make sure it’s a) working and b) not a complete embarrassment. The company I work for is currently in the process of hiring web developers. An ad on Monster attracted a fair […]

    A little bit of organisation can go a long way

    Published October 5th, 2007

    For the past five years or so I’ve been working for a very small web development company, as part of the dev team. This team consists of just three people (four if you count the sysadmin, who has done some development work from time to time), one of whom only works part-time. During this period, […]