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    Changes to security IE7: are you ready?

    Published December 19th, 2006

    When web developers talk about a browser release, they inevitably concentrate their attention on changes to the way it renders their pages. So most of the talk about Internet Explorer 7 has focused on issues like conditional comments and so forth. But how many people are aware of the changes to the security model in […]

    Firefox Extension: Firebug gets even better

    Published December 5th, 2006

    I’ve gushed about Firebug before but I’ve just been tipped off to a new (beta) version (and a new web site) and I thought it was about time I gushed some more. If you’re a web developer and you don’t have this extension installed, then you deserve a slap about the face. Firebug has so […]

    Cross-browser testing: IE6 and IE7 (and maybe more…)

    Published December 1st, 2006

    Further to my last post on this subject, I just got wind of a rather interesting Microsoft blog post offering a solution to the “how do I test my web pages on Internet Explorer 6 after I’ve installed Internet Explorer 7?” quandary. Microsoft is giving away a disk image (that can be run on their […]