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    Upload progress tracking in PHP5.2

    Published November 28th, 2006

    A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that PHP 5.2 would have support for tracking the progress of file uploads. However, when I went looking for signs of this new functionality I came away empty-handed and rather confused. It’s definitely there in the release notes, but I just couldn’t find any reference to it anywhere […]

    Quick cross-browser inline DOM viewer

    Published November 27th, 2006

    The Mouseover DOM Inspector is a nifty little bookmarklet that gives you information about DOM elements inline and allows you to manipulate the DOM on-the-fly. And what’s particularly impressive is its cross-browser compatibility.

    More on AutoIt — Windows scripting made easy

    Published November 17th, 2006

    I already posted about AutoIt a few months back, but recently I’ve had cause to revisit this nifty little tool and have grown ever more impressed with it. So I thought the time had come to sing its praises a little more. To reiterate, AutoIt is at its heart a relatively simple scripting language for […]

    Showing remaining characters in a form input element

    Published November 16th, 2006

    One of the challenges in creating usable forms on HTML pages is presenting to the user information about limits on the data they’re entering, without making the form overly verbose. One example of this is where an input element is limited to a maximum number of characters. In the past I’ve implemented a little counter […]

    Things that make you go [expletive deleted]!

    Published November 10th, 2006

    As a developer, the thing I probably prize above all else is an environment (both physical and virtual) where I can concentrate. Anything that distracts me from the task at hand is, at best, an annoyance: at worst it can cause a significant amount of wasted time while I try to recover my train of […]

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