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    Internet Explorer Extension: Developer Toolbar

    Published March 27th, 2006

    Well it took awhile, but finally MS has come up with something to rival (or at least come close to) Firefox’s indispensable Web Developer extension. The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar for is just what it sounds like — a toolbar with a bunch of handy things for people who develop with IE (check the link […]

    Easy Javascript popup windows

    Published March 27th, 2006

    A nice implementation of popup windows for Javascript, based on Prototype. Windows are skinnable (ie. their appearance can be changed), draggable, use pretty transitions and all that sort of thing.

    ZK: a rich internet application framework

    Published March 2nd, 2006

    Yes, another one, but ZK has an interesting approach. It provides a very rich set of interface elements, which are scripted in XUL or XHTML (or both) and communicate seamlessly with your server logic. I’ve yet to try it in a real-world scenario but it certainly looks the part, and works well in Firefox and […]