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    Mmm…pretty: CSS rounded corners, shadows and such

    Published January 17th, 2006

    I don’t have an immediate application for this, but I think it’s an interesting idea — the Octopus Engine, a means of achieving some pretty web-page effects in a reasonably simple way. Early days, though.


    Published January 15th, 2006

    So after a nigh-on four-year break, I’m working with Flash again. I wish I could say ‘it feels like yesterday’ but in truth, it feels like…well, four years: I’ve forgotten so much it’s depressing, and what little I do remember is mostly redundant. There have been three new versions since I last spent any time […]

    PHP 5.1.2 released

    Published January 13th, 2006

    Doesn’t seem to have made it to the PHP home page just yet, but it looks like a PHP 5.1.2 was released yesterday. A glance at the changelog indicates many, many bugfixes so it looks like a very worthwhile update.

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