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    Firefox Extension: Finding total page weight

    Published June 30th, 2005

    Just a quick one…I wanted to be able to find out, quickly, the weight (ie. the total size of all files) for any given page on a site. Page Info will give you some help, but it doesn’t always seem to work and it doesn’t give you a total. Anyway I hit Google and stumbled […]

    Finding selection start and end position in a textarea, in Internet Explorer

    Published June 29th, 2005

    [UPDATED 1st July 2005 -- a better method!] I’m sure I’m missing something obvious here — I’m sure this can’t be true. If you can put me out of my misery then please do so. In the meantime… I want to get the start and end positions of selected text in a TEXTAREA element. I […]

    Iframes / XMLHTTPRequest bug in Firefox

    Published June 27th, 2005

    For the last month or two I’ve been sweating away developing a new, all-singing all-dancing version of the CMS for the project we’re working on. I’ve been making extensive use of XMLHTTPRequest (Ajax, if you must) techniques to streamline workflow. And it’s all been working pretty well so far. However, because (as far as I’m […]

    PHP recursion and Apache segmentation faults

    Published June 26th, 2005

    Although I’ve been working with PHP for some years now, I’ve never really fussed too much about the internals of the language itself. If it works, I don’t really care to know too much about why. And generally PHP does work. Then, the other day, I was merrily working away on what I thought was […]

    This is not a blog. Honest.

    Published June 25th, 2005

    I was never going to have a blog. So here it isn’t. Anyway, this isn’t a “…and here’s another picture of my cat!” type of blog, at least. It’s a place for me to jot down some notes about random stuff I discover during my job as a web developer (I’m not sure exactly what […]